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The Solution

Amor = Tempus * Motus or in english; Telove = Time * Movement. To explain the relations of these 3 factors, consider the formula: Volume = Time * Movement, and when Volume = x*y*z, then: x*y*z = Time * Movement. Now we must show that Volume = Amor, by explaining the volume of Amor. Image that Amor is built of 3 factors: I, love and You. Then Amor = I * Love * You. See now the figure 1 of Amor formula:

Of the figure I = my health = x, ranging from 0 - 100 points. Love = y, ranging from 0 - 100 points. You = your health = z, ranging from 0 - 100 points. This shows that Amor is a volume of x,y and z. If the value of my health is 100, love is 100 and your health is 100, then the sphere or volume of Amor will have the value of 100 points; due to the calculation: Amor = 100 * 100 / 100 = 100. Now see figure 2 of Amor formula:

Amor = Tempus * Motus or in English: Telove = Time * Movement. The product of these 3 factors become The Universe or Gods Creation. The Universe will then have the unit m6

Now some philosofic considerations. Look at figure 1. The first key to find is the green key; I, my health. Like a tree growing slowly. The second key to find is the yellow key; Love. Like a sun shining always on, giving energy and life. The third key to find is the red key; You, your health. Like a flower we need to guard, with all our efforts. The product of these three keys is Amor. English has not yet a direct and precise word for Amor. I name it 'Telove'. As you see of figure 2; Amor is one of the keystones to build the universe. God created The Universe based on three keystones: Amor, Tempus and Motus. So God wanted all life within the Universe to love eachother. If one of the factors reach zero, the universe will zero out, and cease to exist. If 'Telove' goes downward, then The Universe gets smaller.

Pass this document of Amor to as many persons as possible, so we may save the Universe - and also the planet Earth.

The units of Amor

Consider the formula Amor = I * Love * You. First came I; a volume with the unit m3. Then came You; a volume with the unit m3. Then add the power to love; with the unit m-3. Then write the formula I m3 * Love m-3 * You m3 = Amor with the unit m3. So I * love * You create a new volume or a sphere of Amor. Amor and the power to love are two different factors. The power to love is an internal volume. Our bodies are filled inside with the power to love. Is the power to love 100%, then our bodies have the purest feeling and spirit of to love. If simultaneous our healths are 100%, then we create the perfect and complete Amor.

The units of the Universe

Look at the figure for the universe formula:

The start formula is: The Universe = Time * Movement * Amor. When: V1 = Time * Movement = I ; and V2 = Amor = x * y * z = width * height * depth = the framework of the Universe.
Then: The Universe m6 = I m3 * The Framework m3
This formula shows that I = You; that we are volumes moving inside the framework of The Universe. Then we are moving inside a game, created by God. God has made the rule that our souls can play only one volume at a time, then creating the I player. So the Game is a First Person Game. The souls inhabitates the I volume by travelling through the microscopic world. When an I volume is ended by death, the soul leave the body, and travels around the universe to find a new I volume to inhabitate. Our soul may only inhabitate an I volume, which is not inhabitated by another soul.

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