Doom Heretic musicfiles:
  dhereticcptd   dheretice1m1   dheretice1m2   dheretice1m3
  dheretice1m4   dheretice1m5   dheretice1m6   dheretice1m7
  dheretice1m8   dheretice1m9   dheretice2m1   dheretice2m2
  dheretice2m3   dheretice2m4   dheretice2m6   dheretice2m7
  dheretice2m8   dheretice2m9   dheretice3m2   dheretice3m3
  dhereticintr   dheretictitl

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  mdarkf   mdedf   mdemo   mdemof   mdrivef   melf   melff
  mfredf   mjohnf   mmarekf   mmist   mmistf   mmole   mmolef
  molkinf   molkonkol   monyxf   mopenfa   mopening   mopeningf   mwaitf   mwatchf

Doom Heretic

To play 'Doom Heretic' with the program zdaemon, you need 1 wadfile.

1. heretic.wad
heretic.wad is the main game wadfile. That is; you must choose this game wad to play Doom Heretic wadfiles, and hundreds of other heretic wadfiles. heretic.wad can be bought on steam, on this webpage: Heretic Then download the zipfile zdaemon here: zdaemon program , and unpack it on the d: drive. (not c: drive, then autoupdate wont work.) Then run zdaemon.exe To setup and add other wadfiles, read the: zdaemon forum

2. To change map manually, use the command changemap. Ex: to change map to E1M3, then do this: open console with the key | then write: changemap E1M3 and press enter and then esc key, to close console. Press space to start the game.

Heretic is a dark fantasy first-person shooter video game created by Raven Software, published by id Software, and distributed by GT Interactive in 1994. It was made available on Steam on August 3, 2007.
Using a modified Doom engine, Heretic was one of the first first-person games to feature inventory manipulation and the ability to look up and down. It also introduced multiple gib objects spawned when a character suffered a death by extreme force or heat. Previously, the character would simply crumple into a heap. The game used randomized ambient sounds and noises, such as evil laughter, chains rattling, distantly ringing bells and water dripping in addition to the background music to further enhance the atmosphere. An indirect sequel, Hexen, was released a year later. Heretic II was released in 1998, which served as a direct sequel continuing the story.


All music in the game was composed by Kevin Schilder.
Kevin Schilder is a video game composer. He mostly composes synthesizer scores for Raven Software video games. His style is quite similar to the John Carpenter style, especially in Take No Prisoners.
He is one of two sound designers responsible for sound and music at Raven Software. He has been working with Raven Software since its inception but has been formally employed with the company since 1994.

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